About INO Solutions

INO Solutions is a Canadian brand founded in 2006 by a group of sanitary hygiene experts who shared a common goal of providing optimal, effective cleaning solutions and products. INO Solutions products are tried and trusted high-performance, professional hygiene solutions that exceed productivity, health, safety, and environmental expectations.

In response to growing demand over the years, INO Solutions has introduced new complete product lines adapted to the needs of the cleaning industry. Its primary goal is to offer commercial quality cleaning solutions for professional use at the best possible price. To date, the company has created a dozen different product lines. In 2019, INO Solutions got a makeover, including a sleek new look, and shifted its focus to its B2B operations. The brand is positioned as the best value on the market.

Why INO Solutions?

Diversified product lines

Since its founding, INO Solutions has been an indispensable partner to its commercial, industrial, and institutional customers across North America. Its products meet the cleaning and disinfection expectations and needs of a broad range of different markets. From public shopping mall restrooms to food processing plants, INO Solutions offers several comprehensive product lines in response to the specific needs of various sectors of activity, including education, retail, industrial, food services, property management, BSC’s (Building Service Contractors), health care, hospitality, entertainment, residential, and daycare.

Developed by experts, for experts

INO Solutions products are recognized by the cleaning industry for their professional quality, performance , and reliability. They are distributed mainly throughout North America as well as beyond. INO Solutions’ dedicated development team, comprised of experts from around the country, develops innovative and sustainable solutions for the professional cleaning industry.

The best value on the market

INO Solutions products deliver uncompromising performance. From our INO Derm line of hand, body, and hair soaps to our INO Bano bathroom, INO Chef kitchen and food industry, and INO Med sanitizing and disinfecting solutions, discover effective, superior quality products to meet all your needs.

When you try our INO Solutions cleaning products and compare their price in relation to the quality they deliver, you’ll understand why our professional hygiene solutions are the best value on the Canadian market.

Our mission

To provide tried and trusted professional hygiene solutions that exceed productivity, health, safety, and environmental expectations.

Our vision


Housekeeping and maintenance isn’t simply the process of applying cleaning products but of providing effective solutions to hygiene and sanitation problems.


The aim of housekeeping and maintenance is to improve people’s well-being, which requires finding appropriate and intelligent solutions.


It is important to measure the impacts of housekeeping and maintenance on our current and future society.


Housekeeping and maintenance must be carried out efficiently, safely, and in a sustainable manner.

Our values

The notion of value inspires, motivates, and guides our company’s decisions and actions every day. Our values are:

Rigour driven by passion

Passion is what consistently drives us to excel and rise to new challenges. Motivated by a passion to succeed with an uncompromising commitment to efficiency and quality, we strive not only to meet but to surpass industry standards. Rigour underpins the work of our qualified sanitary hygiene experts, who apply their knowledge and experience in developing superior products. In our pursuit of excellence, we value quality over quantity and raise the bar by offering tailored solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


This core value lies at the heart of our business practices and is shared by all our employees. We believe that the best guarantor of our reputation is to demonstrate a high level of integrity in all our business activities. We are committed to building trusting, respectful relationships with our customers and partners.


The foundation of our business is delivering products and solutions of the highest quality. We care about the needs of our internal and external customers, employees, and partners. And because collaboration is central to achieving our mission, we work closely with them in a climate of solidarity and openness to the different skills and perspectives of all stakeholders.


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