Reducing absenteeism

Schools must adopt best practices for hygiene and have a well-established cleaning protocol.

A school’s cleanliness directly affects academic performance. A 2013 study suggests that environmental conditions that create a sense of well-being contribute directly to positive attitudes and better performance, resulting in improved student attendance and staff retention.

INO Solutions is committed to supporting managers in the education sector in providing a clean and safe learning environment in their facilities, including in classrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, common areas, and others. Frequent cleaning with the proper products will ensure the safety of the facilities while preventing the spread of viruses, which in turn will reduce absenteeism.

Daily cleaning in schools can reduce the overall cost of a maintenance program by up to 50%.

Chronically absent students are seven times more likely to drop out.

In the United States, absent teachers cost schools nearly $25 billion a year

At INO Solutions, we are always on the lookout for new developments in the sanitation industry. Our focus is on continually improving our solutions to enable the implementation of best sanitation practices.