Commitment to cleanliness.

As many consumers who travel now have heightened expectations for cleanliness, hospitality sector businesses need to ensure they have an established cleaning process in place that includes regular cleaning of high-touch areas. The pandemic has clearly highlighted that consumers have a heightened demand for cleanliness, and this new priority, especially in the hospitality industry, is here to stay. Frequent cleaning with the proper products will enhance the safety of both guests and employees while minimizing the spread of viruses and diseases.

INO Solutions offers a full range of cleaning and disinfection products for food service, dishwashing, and laundry operations

Increase the health and safety of your cleaning practices by improving indoor air quality, minimizing slip-and-fall accidents, and reducing chemical fumes.

Cut your overall cleaning cost by leveraging the right products to improve staff productivity and cleaning efficiency.

Build trust through cleanliness.

Identify frequently touched areas and ensure that staff follow the proper steps and procedures to clean and sanitize all areas of the building, including high-traffic areas such as entrances and the reception area, common areas and rest areas (fitness centre, pool, spa, etc.), guest rooms and suites, kitchens, restaurant, and dining areas.